The BEST Better Work and Standards Programme is a project of the Government of Bangladesh, funded by the European Union and the Norwegian Development Organisation, NORAD. It is implemented by the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation, UNIDO, and German Development Co-operation, GIZ, in co-operation with the Bangladeshi Ministry of Industries (the lead ministry), Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock, Ministry of Textiles and Jute, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Science & ICT, and the Ministry of Labour and Employment. The BEST programme builds on the achievements of the Bangladesh Quality Support Programme, BQSP

What we do

What we do ....
The Better Works and Standards Programme - BEST - exists to promote economic growth and lift communities out of poverty by helping Bangladesh to take advantage of global market opportunities. We help to improve competitiveness and encourage export growth and diversification through increased productivity, and compliance with international standards. We involve the public and private sectors, manufacturers and exporters, workers, job seekers, trainees and students in three main areas ....

Better Fisheries Quality
We work with the fish farming communities to ensure that
their products match the quality levels of world markets, and that
they share in the rewards. Bangladeshi shrimps are now sold in
the European Union without any further health checks, because
farmers, scientists and exporters working together have been able
to demonstrate that they are of the purest quality. More

Better Work in Textiles and Garments
This industry has long been at the core of Bangladeshi
manufacturing and exporting. But the potential for growth
is vast. The country urgently needs its own highly-trained
fashion designers, engineers and managers. We help to
modernise the industry, upgrade the training and
educational establishments and help the country capitalise
on world demand for its clothing and textiles. More

Better Quality Infrastructure
The unseen regulator at the heart of Bangladesh's economic
advance .. the precise calibrations of weights, measures and
volumes must have international accreditation to make goods
and services marketable. We help to provide world-class
laboratories and training programmes which will give
Bangladeshi exports the essential stamp of recognised quality in
regional and global associations. More